When booking every stage of a wedding, many couples ask themselves “Should I Get a Videographer For My Wedding?”. We’ve recently talked about some key aspects to check before booking a wedding cinematographer.

We’ve all seen those long and boring wedding videos that run for 2-3 hours and to be honest, we don’t watch them in their entirety.

We usually skip the boring parts, like hearing the inaudible priest’s speech (sorry, but it’s true!) or 30 minutes of people talking in the background.

That may be what rocked in the 90’s but nowadays there’s so much more to wedding videos than that.

Sometimes I wish I could’ve done my two brothers’ wedding video, because seriously, I don’t remember them telling me they sat and watched through all the video in a single day.

I’ve heard many couples almost making the mistake of not booking a wedding cinematographer because they though a photographer was good enough.

Pictures are awesome, yeah, but there’s nothing like reliving your wedding day in a rich dynamic cinematic way.

By cinematic I mean, a not so long video, usually between 10 and 30 minutes, that tells your whole day in a very Hollywood-like style with real speeches, vows, ambient sound, different creative camera angles and more.

There used to be a difference between the phrases “wedding cinematographer” and a “wedding videographer”.

Now a days, they are both used for a modern wedding video style. The real difference is between a wedding documentary videographer

A Wedding documentary videographer usually will set a single camera and sometimes two through hours during your main events and promise you a 2 to 5 hour wedding film.

A wedding videography crew will usually have from two to five videographers (I’ve seen it, it’s nuts!) shooting from different creative angles and getting the story with as much detail as possible.

The end result should be a really awesome short film that runs for 10 to 30 minutes that you’ll actually want to watch years after your wedding.

Now, you may be asking “why don’t I get 2 hours of dancing footage like my friend (lets call her Jackie) did?” Well, seriously, who wants to watch uncle bob dancing for 30 minutes?

Remember watching your friends’ long wedding video, or was it short? Leave a comment with your experience :)