Tú y tú y sólamente tú :: cancun wedding video

Veronica & Vinicio’s cancun wedding video cinematography was held at the Hotel Presidente where they had their civil ceremony shortly after their catholic ceremony at the Crito Resucitado church.

Veronica and Vinicio met at a Disney magical story where two souls crossed twice to realize they were meant for each other. Vinicio  returned to Disney World knowing he would find familiar faces, but never imagined that he would find love in Veronica. After many failed attempts, Vinicio resorted to drastic measures to get the attention of Veronica and show her that he wasn’t the cocky seducer she thought he was so he could love her and give her his heart for the rest of his life.

This cancun wedding video was made possible by the cinematographers of LoveWorks Cinema, Gabriel Remes, Iñaki Lopez and Julio Peña.