Marvel with this Moon Palace Cancun Wedding. A Beautiful multi day Indian Persian wedding at the coast of the caribbean sea.

Shirin and Ron´s family come originally from Iran and India. But for this event they gathered people from all over the world for a one of a kind wedding.

Mixing cultures, traditions and religions. Three generations together in a party for the ages. There is no way you could have guessed some of the guest have never met before the wedding.

Both families spred around the globe. Shirin and Ronnie have and unique and admirable abbilty to make you feel as another of their friends, they truly do.

By the third day we were on first name basis with many of the cousins and friends. They surrounded themselves with people just as open, natural and fun loving as them.

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The couple left no detail aside. Translators for to the many guest of different nationalities. Everything explained from the many and various traditions of this unforgetable fusion indian-persian wedding, truly one for the ages.

Shirin and Ron are a gorgeous couple who are head over heels in love with each other. They created place out of time where everybody felt at home, no matter the age, nationality or religion. Unlimited fun, music and party. No need for rest. You are tired. But don´t know it!

A continuous 72 hour party that makes you not wanting to go back home. It leaves you begging for more and at the same time feeling you had enough for a lifetime. It is not work if you are having fun and doing what you love, they say. Well this is much fun and definitely filled with love.


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