Excellence Playa Mujeres Wedding cinematographer

Enjoy this Excellence Playa Mujeres Wedding, film in the Isla Mujeres district. This very unique location  gives the privacy your special day requires but keeps all the comfort you want for yourself and love ones. Here are the best long beaches with outstanding sunsets over the lagoon. Crowdless beach front, with the best view of the Isla Mujeres. All this serve as a frame for one of the best days of your life.

Kim and Jonathan started dating after metting at work. As a couple they keep loving, hughing, and kissing each other like the very first day. As friends thta love each other, left no doubt that they belong toghether. The keep losing each other in the others face. You know deep, true and unconditional love when you see it. They live as a full couple together, kowing and loving every little thing that makes the other yours. The cherry on top of all that was finally saying I do, in front of family and friends with the caribbean ocean at their backs.

Friends from work, family, all joined together to celebrate love, friendship, and smoothies. In the most beautiful of all places. A destination wedding is more than just going to a dream place. Is believing in the love Kim and Jonathan profess for each other. It is not a sacrifice is an investment in love. They travel to witness the beginning of a story that will last for decades.

If you are into rating couples this two are a solid 5 out of 5, will definitly do another video with them. Can´t wait for a year to pass to read Kim´s awesome review on life as a married couple.


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