Merida Wedding Video Felices Para Siempre

This Merida Wedding takes you to a fairy tale in this amazing colonial venue. Felices Para Siempre, tells the story of Thalia and Ricardo. She is mexican, he is Italian. They met in The United Sates working for Disney. Even thought thay have to apart with an ocean in the middle for most of their relationship, love prevailed.

They came to Merida to marry in the most princess fairy tale posible. A true castle is inside the hacienda. Flowers cascading from the roof, and cndles floating in the water. A delicious multilevel cake sorrounded with candies beyond your wildest dreams. A music band playing live for all the guest to dance way beyond midnight because this time no one has to leave at the sound of the bells.

After a most emotional first look in the corridors Thalia arrived at the ceremony in a horse pulled charriot as expect of a true princess from a book. The minister married them under the cover of a huge tree with a flower arch built near the roots. A photoshoot moving throught green leaved corridors and stairs. Dancing all night with the band while there were suits and drinks flowing for everyone to enjoy. A marvellous setting for this time and distance conquering couple. May they be happily ever after.

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