Cozumel Wedding Video Creciendo en el Amor

Relive this Cozumel Wedding Video, the love story of Melissa and Cheo. Shot in the world famous, reef surronded, one of akind island of Cozumel.

A grand three location event. The Presidente Intercontinental Spa and Resort is the frame for this wonderful getting ready. The couple decided not to meet until the ceremony so they have different room for their preps. The Ceremony takes place in the main Church in the island. It is top to bottom complete with flowers from corridors to walls and collums. It creats a great green surronding with the contrasting white background. Moving on from the reception the action to Playa Mia Grand Beach Park where all the emotions and fun are set loose.

We learned during the speeches about the heartfull felt story of Cheo´s struggles as a newly born to survive. And how thanks to the doctor´s work, faith and Cheo´s strengh he made it up to this day, where he marries the love of his life. In front of his familly, friends and the doctor who saved his life as a baby. All parents dancing toghether for the first time with their kids after the couple´s very first time as husband and wife. After the emotional moments Chebacca made his entrance, and following him the part y started. Fun exploding. An epic tossing of the groom in the air. A good olfashioned disputed bouquet toss, nothing pre-arrenged like you see this days.

A beautiful couple, in a beautiful island, can only produce a beautiful film. If you want an unique destination wedding in an unique location, Cozumel has no match. We invite you to check for yourself.


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