Frequently Asked Questions

What is LoveWorks Cinema’s video style?2012-12-20T22:27:21-06:00

Our style is cinematic. We create gorgeous steady looking shoots that accentuate all the emotion of your day that help tell your story instead of  using shaky shots that tend to drive viewers attention away.

How long do you stay on my wedding day?2019-04-02T11:51:36-06:00

It depends on which package you choose. We offer up to 10 hours on our premium package.

For every additional hour after the package limit, please add $200.00 USD

Is it possible to capture everyone at the wedding?2019-04-02T11:55:00-06:00

Although we strive to capture as many guests during the day’s events, it is unlikely that we’ll capture every single guests at your wedding apart from the key players. We’ll do our best though.

Can we buy the raw footage? How long do you keep the raw files?2019-04-02T11:56:06-06:00

Yes you can, although we recommend against it. You would require editing skills to create a video out of the raw footage. Almost everything is shot in 5 to 10 second clips. The price is $500.00 USD and it’s sent to you in a small hard drive. We keep the raw files 1 year after the wedding.

How do you shoot my wedding?2019-04-02T11:45:25-06:00

During the getting ready we may direct the couple to get enough angles to create a cinematic edit. The rest of the day will be shot candidly. We capture your wedding for your feature film. That being said, we’re not a traditional coverage studio, we shoot short 5 to 10 second clips to create a final cinematic edit with the exception of the ceremony, special dances and toasts.

What’s your experience in wedding video production?2019-04-02T11:46:30-06:00

LoveWorks Cinema is a young company by young professionals with a fresh hollywood-like vision. We have 9 years in the wedding video business and we’re constantly improving our story telling technique so we only showcase our most recent videos.

Where can I see your prices and packages?2012-12-21T19:58:53-06:00

Our prices and packages are available upon request by signing the contact form. We offer all-inclusive packages and a wide variety of products “a la carte.”

When do you deliver the final product?2012-12-21T19:57:55-06:00

We strive for excellency in all our films so it takes 2 months to deliver every final product. Editing a cinematic film is a long process, footage must be qualified, edited and color corrected. Audio is recorded on a separate device for best quality, it has to be cleaned and synced with the footage. We create custom DVD/Blu-Ray menus and cases, and deliver the package to your doorstep.

Where are you Available for work?2012-12-21T20:01:48-06:00

LoveWorks Cinema offers Cancun Wedding videography coverage in the Riviera Maya area including but not limited to, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. In addition, we also offer wedding videography coverage in Puerto Vallarta and other tourism wedding destinations

How do you charge for services?2012-12-20T23:46:41-06:00

A deposit of $500 usd must be paid in order to lock in your wedding day and the remaining amount should be paid in full a month before the event. A contract of services is signed at the reservation.

Can I upgrade my package after booking you?2012-12-20T21:59:02-06:00

Yes you can. We leave an open window until the day after your wedding for you to decide if you wish to upgrade your package. We’ll remind you about it. Don’t worry ;)

Who’s the main person behind LoveWorks Cinema?2012-12-20T23:39:34-06:00

Gabriel Remes is the creator and director of LoveWorks Cinema, every film is his cinematic vision of your wedding day. You’ll have the consultation with him and he’ll be the main videographer on your wedding day.

How do you coordinate with other wedding photographers?2019-02-25T14:25:54-06:00

We always contact and establish a good relationship with the photographer before your wedding so we can figure out how they work and coordinate as best as we can on your wedding day.

Do you shoot multiple weddings a day?2019-04-02T11:48:01-06:00

No. We reserve each booking day exclusively for one couple a day. We’re commited to quality and not quantity.

How many cameras do you use on the event?2019-04-02T11:49:50-06:00

We shoot with 2 to 3 cameras operated  by 2 professional wedding videographers. On the main events there will always be two active cameras and a “safe shot” camera.

Video is so much different than photo, that’s why we use 3 cameras to capture as many angles of the action as possible. This helps in the editing process to create a way much more appealing, cinematic and dynamic video.

Are you available for work outside Mexico?2012-12-21T20:11:28-06:00

We currently shoot weddings only in Mexico.  We’ll extend our offer to United States and Canada by 2014

What type of cameras do you use?2012-12-21T20:12:26-06:00

We shoot Canon DSLRs. These cameras look like the ones professional photographers would use. They shoot high definition cinematic video and  are a lot smaller than common videocameras. Also, we encourage all our brides to tell their guests that if they see a camera on a tripod or monopod, it’s video :)

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