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cancun wedding video studio LoveWorks Cinema offers Cancun brides the very best in cancun wedding cinematography.

Are you getting married in Cancun? Who will be your Cancun wedding cinematographer?

Here is a list of some of the things you should consider when looking for a Cancun wedding cinematographer.

//1 personality

When selecting a Cancun wedding cinematographer you are selecting more than just a videographer for your wedding day. You are hiring a wedding cinematographer that will be with you, your family and your group all day on your wedding day. Personality is a huge part of the selection process and should not be overlooked or discounted in any way.

Your Cancun wedding cinematographer personality can set the tone for your entire wedding day and your bridal party. Ultimately it can impact your cinematic wedding video altogether.

//2 price

While price is always a factor when selecting your Cancun wedding cinematographer, it should not be the only thing that matters. All too often we hear horror stories from brides who made a decision for their wedding cinematography based purely on price. It turns out to be foolish in the end. When its all said and done, your wedding video will be all you have to remember your wedding day.

//3 wedding video

What will you do with your wedding video from your wedding cinematographer? Most people think it’s limited  to a DVD or Blu-Ray disc but it shouldn’t be all you get from your wedding cinematographer. There are other ways to watch and enjoy your wedding video from your wedding cinematographer like digital video frames and the all new digital video albums. This is your family heirloom and your keepsake you will have to remember your Cancun Wedding.

When selecting a Cancun wedding cinematographer you should look for variety in the delivery options and packages he offers. Wedding videos aren’t limited to DVD and Blu-Ray disc. Questions you should ask your Cancun wedding cinematographer 1) What video form do you create? 2)Where else can I reproduce my video? 3) How many options of delivery do you offer?  It’s important to know your Cancun wedding cinematographer’s style before booking. There are many document style videographers claiming they create cinematic style video. A tip we always give is that you should watch a romantic comedy movie before selecting your Cancun wedding cinematographer, they tend to be pretty similar in the quick editing pace.

//4 coverage

Something often overlooked when selecting a Cancun wedding cinematographer is the number of hours that will be offered during the coverage of your Cancun wedding. Typically you will want your wedding cinematographer to be with you to document all the moments of your wedding day. After all, that’s what you are hiring them for. You should be instantly alarmed if they charge by the hour, cinematic video can’t be achieved with less than 6 hours of coverage. That being said, typical coverage requirements for your wedding day should be up to 10 hours.

Be careful here. Some Cancun wedding cinematographers offer cut-rate prices by offering you less than adequate wedding coverage for your day. These become hidden costs and once you realize it, it’s often too late.

//5 number of wedding cinematographers

How many Cancun wedding cinematographers will be at your event? Most events need at least two to three wedding cinematographers. This ensures that your wedding cinematographer is focused on working with your group and directing the day and allows the second and third wedding cinematographer to have coverage going on at the same time to capture all the action from different angles happening on your wedding day to ensure a dynamic cinematic video.

We find that by having three Cancun wedding cinematographers at your event, your wedding video needs can best be met all while ensuring that nothing gets missed from your big day.

LoveWorks cinema is a Cancun wedding cinematography studio based in Cancun, Mexico offering wedding cinematography in the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta and other Mexican wedding destinations.

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